Would you like to increase your ability to:

  • Manage yourself and others in a way that inspires trust and leads to high performance?
  • Influence your boss, partners, or team?  
  • Choose the most appropriate conflict resolution strategy for each situation?
  • Have a more positive impact on those you supervise?
  • Build a more diverse and inclusive workplace?
  • Negotiate optimal deals?
  • Deliver difficult feedback in a way that sticks?
  • Facilitate productive conversations between colleagues in dispute?

I can show you how.

Based on state-of-the-art theory from the Harvard Negotiation Project and other thought leaders, my programs are:

Learn tools you can apply immediately to increase your own and your organization’s success

Dynamic and Experiential
You’ll be engaged, interacting with colleagues, and building critical skills

I create an environment that enables you to take risks and stretch yourself

Highly Relevant
Customized to address the specific challenges you face

Sample offerings include:

  • Work Well Together:  The Collaboration Intensive
  • Disrupting Unconscious Bias to Improve Performance
  • Essential Conflict Resolution
  • Check-In Success
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Negotiating for Results
  • Managing Difficult Conversations
  • Conflict Resolution for Customer Service Specialists
  • The Art and Power of Empathy
  • How to Run Great Meetings
  • Self-Care for Professionals: The Road to Peak Performance
  • Facilitating Tough Talks:  Mediation for Human Resource Professionals

Programs range from 1 hour “lunch and learns” to three day seminars.

Learn essential skills that give you and your organization a competitive advantage.