Leadership Team Development

Would your team benefit if members could speak more
honestly and learn from one another?

Are there too many “me’s” on your team?

Do you need to shift a team’s emotional temperature?

Leadership teams can be a powerful resource for an
organization, but far too many are underperforming.

Using a variety of tools and applying an approach that is
based on the latest research from Harvard Business School,
I can help you develop your team into one that is:

  • Committed to a clear and compelling purpose
  • Composed of the right members for the task
  • Motivated to engage in open discussions that leverage team members’ knowledge and experience
  • Comfortable enough to offer even unpopular insights, and skilled enough to disagree vigorously and work through conflict

Hold team meetings that make the best use of time and human resources.

Help your people to work well—and thrive—together!