External Ombuds

Would you like to:

  • Provide an employee benefit that demonstrates respect, improves morale and performance, and reduces turnover?
  • Offer a safe place for employees to pro-actively address a range of issues?
  • Resolve disputes informally that otherwise might escalate into expensive and time-consuming complaints, lawsuits, and negative press?
  • Discover systemic challenges within your organization as soon as possible?

Then an organizational ombuds might be for you.

As an external ombuds, I provide informal dispute prevention and resolution services to your workforce. I help “visitors” learn the skills and access the information and people they need to address their concerns.

Four fundamental principles guide my work:

I do not report to any office or department, and am independent to the “highest degree possible” within the organization.

I keep no records of confidential communications, I protect the identity of individual visitors, and I only share patterns with senior management.

I advocate for fair and effective conflict management within the organization, not on behalf of any individual or department.

I am not an office of record, and visiting with me does not constitute “notice.” Visitors can raise concerns without fear of triggering a formal process.

An increasingly popular practice, Ombuds (also known as an ombudsmen and ombudspeople) serve businesses, non-profits, education, and medical organizations of all sizes.

I practice in accord with the International Ombudsman Association Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice and can tailor my service to the unique needs of your organization.