Express Coaching

Sometimes it is a matter of time…

A critical deadline approaches and you find it impossible to communicate with your business partner

The biggest opportunity of your career will only come to fruition if you get the negotiations just right

The risks of continuing to avoid a troubling situation with a colleague are too high

Be prepared for your most difficult conversations.

A consult with an experienced, objective sounding board can make all the difference and provide the support and perspective you need.

Together we’ll unpack the situation, determine the most promising course of action, and even craft the wording you can employ to be successful.

Express coaching engagements are very short-term, from on-demand emergency coaching sessions to a series of scheduled phone calls.

I leave space in my schedule to devote to time-sensitive situations like yours. Call me at 617-774-8287 (I get messages quickly) or email me with the subject “express coaching.”