Would you like to be more confident resolving tensions with your colleagues or  direct reports?

Do you find yourself pacing the floor during the day or losing sleep at night over upcoming negotiations?

Would you like to gain perspective and develop a plan of action for a specific negotiation?

Does someone you supervise need to improve their ability to work with others?

Conflict Coaching can help.

In Conflict Coaching, you set the direction:  Focus on the intricacies of a particularly crucial conflict, or broadly assess your negotiating skills so that you can adopt more effective conflict resolution behaviors.

I serve as your partner and guide.  You bring your commitment to learn and grow; I’ll provide a range of tools and assessments, 3 decades of experience, and a belief in your ability to master the challenges you face.

Together we’ll:

  • Fully understand your situation
  • Clarify what you truly want
  • Identify your strengths and developmental opportunities
  • Explore and expand your options
  • Craft an effective plan of action
  • Increase your confidence and skill so you can meet your target

Coaching sessions are informal conversations that take place over the telephone (face-to face or skype can also be arranged).  Coaching typically takes from 2-5 sessions.

Achieve your goals.

Strengthen your relationships.

Be the hero of your story.


*Conflict Coaching provides many benefits to organizations.  One way to introduce this effective practice within your workplace is to hold a “Conflict Coaching Day.”  After publicizing the event internally, individuals sign up to receive confidential coaching sessions.  The sessions help them resolve work-related conflicts.  Ideally the day is held on-site, but it can be conducted remotely as well.