I offer a range of services to help you collaborate effectively. My work enables you to:

  • refine your skills
  • increase your influence
  • strengthen your relationships
  • meet your goals
  • improve your organization

I strive to create long term partnerships with clients. Each engagement involves one or more of the following services:

Gain crucial insights from comprehensive and objective assessments.

Hold productive meetings that are engaging, that encourage collaboration, and that enable participants to work hard and have fun.

Increase your leadership, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills in dynamic, experiential programs.

Participate in safe and productive learning conversations that help you and your counterparts find optimal solutions to the challenges you face.

Leadership Team Development
Develop teams that have a clear and compelling purpose, engage in direct and constructive dialogue, and are energized to meet their goals.

Achieve your objectives in a specific dispute, or strengthen your conflict management muscles so you exert more influence every time you communicate.

Express Coaching
Deepen your understanding of the issues, create an effective plan of action, and craft the tactics and language to achieve your goals.

Coaching Intensive90 Days to Conflict Management Confidence!
Take your skills to the top through this three-month intensive which includes a 360 degree assessment, a customized development plan, and unlimited access to me.

Conflict Dynamics Profile®
Get accurate feedback regarding how you behave when in conflict, and how your behavior compares to the norm, by taking this validated assessment online.

External Ombuds
Provide your workforce with informal conflict resolution services that demonstrate respect, develop conflict resolution competence, and prevent small disputes from becoming large lawsuits.