A Tale of Two Payments

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    When it comes to resolving conflicts at work, more information—particularly about why people want what they want—generally leads to better solutions.  This true story illustrates how it can work.

14 responses to A Tale of Two Payments

  1. Michael Toebe says:

    Richard, this video shows people how expanding their thinking, being curious, being at least as inquisitive as advocating, showing empathy through words and deeds and having negotiation skills can solve seemingly unsolvable problems.

    Another smart practice is to offer multiple solutions/packages so as to avoid people digging in and saying “no” easily. Ask people what they do or don’t like about proposals and you will learn where their priorities lie. Smart negotiating is making good trades.

    This video detailed, as Richard said, how each party satisfied the anxiety problem to find sufficient satisfaction to move forward.

    1. Richard Cohen says:

      Hey, Michael. Great suggestions for how to uncover your counterpart’s interests: being curious, demonstrating empathy, floating a proposal and paying attention to their feedback, offering multiple options, etc. Thanks for writing.

  2. Josh Jacks says:

    An exceptional concise, compelling, and articulate illustration of how well an interest based approach to conflict resolution can work.

    1. Richard Cohen says:

      Thanks for the “props,” Josh. So glad you found this useful.

  3. Judy Ringer says:

    Ditto to Josh! Great video of an important and relevant example.

    1. Richard Cohen says:

      Thanks, Judy.

  4. Rosemary Games says:

    Thank you, Richard. I want to thank you for all the videos I have watched so far. It is really helpful to have these bite-sized chunks outlining these processes one step at a time. It’s a great way to revisit concepts that I have come across in your writing, as a reminder of things that I may otherwise have forgotten. I look forward to future videos. The illustration in this last one was really helpful. Many thanks!

    1. Richard Cohen says:

      Hi Rosemary. I’m happy to hear that you are finding the videos useful. Yes, the idea is to keep them brief…”bite-sized” chunks as you say. No big commitment to watch. Thanks so much for writing; it keeps me motivated to produce them.

  5. Karen says:

    Hi Richard,
    I like your stories – true-to-life, brief, AND animated! Thanks!

    1. Richard Cohen says:

      Thanks, Karen. Glad you like these posts…

  6. Joyce says:

    Hi Richard,
    Love the videos! You always make conflict resolution seem so natural and attainable. Initially trained with you 20+ years ago. As a middle school principal, I still practice your philosophy on a daily basis. It’s great to see you!

    1. Richard Cohen says:

      Hi Joyce! So nice to hear from you. 20+ years?! Can we be that old? ;o)

      I’m delighted that you are still going strong; your staff and students are lucky to have you. (You were a natural, by the way). Be well.

  7. Lee Rush says:

    Once again– perfect pitch, content, description of process, useful! I also once again really liked your shirt selection.

    1. Richard Cohen says:

      It’s all about the shirt. I can’t keep this up much longer without repeats…

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